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2017 Knife Show Tables are now available!!!

Table Rental Info... 

Tables are 8 foot tables.


***WiFi is available at an additional fee.

$115.00 Per Table (8' x 30" Table)

Vendor Passes = 2 badges per Vendor


Vendor Set Up Time

Thursday, Dec 7 - 8:30 AM
Friday, Dec 8 - 8:30 AM
Saturday, Dec 9 - 8:30 AM
Early Bird Pass  9:00 am
 (THURSDAY only-REGULAR ADMISSION begins at 11:00 am) 

If you would like to purchase a table  
fill out the below form and submit it.


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Click here to send payment for tables via PayPal.com to buzz@bulldogknives.org


Full payment for tables is required upon completion of this form.  
Payments can be made to buzz@bulldogknives.org at www.PayPal.com